Catering By Deddle’s

Catered Truck Orders & Requests

Order “something sweet” for your next group event or special occasion. We reserve this form for catered truck requests only. Please allow us 24 hours to respond.

Once we confirm your order by phone, we’ll send you an invoice. Payment must be submitted, in full, one week before your event.

6 + 6 =

Please read if inquiring about our catered truck event:


The minimum amount for a booking guarantee contract is $600, if the event is on Monday-Friday and $800, if the event is on Saturday-Sunday.

To ensure on time service, we required a designated flat, even area to park our truck. If this is not provided, this will delay your start time of service.


If table service is part of your event, we require you to provide a 20 amp power outlet for our equipment.


Thank you.