Fundraising with Deddle’s

Sweeten your next fundraiser with Deddle’s

and sprinkle success for every cause!

How can Deddle’s sweeten your next Fundraiser?

Our delectable treats aren’t just a sugary delight; they’re the key to unlocking major profits for your upcoming fundraisers. With Deddle’s Donuts, you’re not just selling a product – you’re selling an experience that brings people together, igniting enthusiasm and driving donations to new heights. From our classic mini’s to our innovative gourmet creations, our range of flavors ensures there’s something to tantalize every taste bud. Don’t just raise funds – raise spirits and create lasting memories with Deddle’s Donuts at the heart of your next fundraiser.

Fundraiser Package and Pricing

To Make it Even Sweeter.......


If you sell 100 boxes, Deddle’s will match your profits.

As an added bonus, if you sell 300 boxes, you will get two hours of free Italian Ice truck service at your fundraising location.

Deddle’s Fundraiser Interest Form


If you are interested in using Deddles for your next fundraising event, fill out the form below. Then, contact Robin Holmes at (443) 738-4844, where all logistics will be discussed, including order details and delivery. Please allow 24 hours to respond to your request.  Thank you.




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